Smart sensors that work like tattoos: set to revolutionize continuous monitoring of vital signs

Measuring vital signs is essential for medical professionals to assess patients' general health and detect any signs of deteriorating health as early as possible. However, holter devices are usually bulky and uncomfortable for the patient, providing only a limited window of information during the short time they are worn.

Umana T1 is a new clinical solution that directly addresses these challenges. The innovative Umana sensors are made of a conductive nanomaterial ink, which integrates perfectly with the top layer of the skin's epidermis. This results in an ultra-thin layer that is highly precise, thus ensuring the high quality of the data collected.

Having launched an independent clinical trial with 2000 patients at Malta's national hospital and working on collaborative projects in Portugal and the UK, the Umana T1 Heart Monitor will be launched across Europe this month.

Dr. Samuel Meilak, who is coordinating the study, notes that "our cardiology team is excited about what the Umana T1 means for our profession and for our patients. Finally, we can accurately gather and monitor patients' important medical data without interfering with their day-to-day activities. The ease of access coupled with the data analysis capabilities pave the way for a step change."

From the moment the tattoo is applied, a small, lightweight device is attached to store and share the flow of accurate, real-time vital signs, such as ECG data, as well as other vital parameters such as breathing rate. This data is shared directly with a trusted medical professional. This user-friendly configuration is complemented by a medical software ecosystem, a smartphone app, online dashboards, data analysis algorithms and online and offline data access.

Umana's co-founder and CEO, Dr. Adrian Attard Trevisan, explains: "The tattoo sensors represent a major breakthrough in the way vital signs can be continuously monitored, but we have gone even further, with comprehensive digital data storage and processing infrastructure to allow medical professionals unprecedented in-depth insight and analysis of patient status."

Umana Medical at Barcelona for Health 2.0 Europe 2018 Key members of the Umana team are attending the HIMSS Conference in Barcelona from May 27-29, the largest event in Europe bringing together all those interested in the digital health sector, researchers, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and representatives of primary healthcare or hospitals. The team will also discuss reasons why implementing the Umana T1 ensures better quality patient care and will also explore possible research collaborations to develop non-invasive methods of gathering, monitoring and analyzing vital parameters in the long term.

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