Food Intolerances: What they are, which are the most common and why they happen

Food intolerance consists of the discomfort caused by eating a certain food.

The discomfort caused manifests itself in gastrointestinal disorders such as abdominal pain or cramps, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, canker sores and acidity. Skin, psychological and respiratory disorders can also occur.

But let's not confuse intolerance with allergy!

Food allergies are adverse reactions caused by a fault in the immune system. These allergies occur when a certain food is consumed, for example bread or eggs, and are more serious than intolerance and can be life-threatening.

Food intolerances are reproducible adverse reactions to food that do not involve the immune system and can result, for example, from an enzyme deficit, such as lactose intolerance caused by a deficit in the enzyme lactase. There are different degrees of intolerance - from asymptomatic to severe.

What are the most common intolerances?
The foods that cause the most intolerances are usually the same as those that cause food allergies: eggs, milk, shellfish, gluten, chocolate, peanuts, nuts, tomatoes, strawberries and the preservatives and colorings used in industrialized products.

Why do intolerances happen?

Food intolerances are not always the result of genetic factors. Often, the problem is caused by a disease in the intestine, which leaves the digestive system weakened, making room for the development of intolerance to certain substances.

Lactose intolerance, in particular, can be classified into two types:

- Primary (genetic) intolerance is the most common and usually occurs in infancy. In this case, the cause of the intolerance is purely congenital - in other words, it is linked to a biological factor.

- secondary intolerance, which is an acquired intolerance and can occur due to malnutrition or intestinal damage. In this case, there is an external factor (unrelated to genetics) which causes the body to stop - or reduce - the production of the enzymes responsible for digesting lactose. Since the body doesn't have the mechanisms to absorb the substance in question, it ends up rejecting it, causing symptoms such as pain, bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

In some cases, eating habits can also be responsible for food intolerance. If a person cuts gluten or lactose out of their diet unnecessarily, it's possible that, in the long term, the body will stop producing the enzymes responsible for digesting these substances - which can cause a certain amount of food intolerance, even if it's something milder and more temporary.

It's important to be accompanied by a nutritionist in the event of an intolerance, and it's increasingly important to get to know each other better - with genetic microbiome tests - in order to better understand the cause and its severity.

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