Technical specifications

  • Fanless, high-performance Intel® Core ™ i3, i5 and i7 processors;
  • 15.6" Full HD screen with no indentations;
  • USB 3.0 inputs and PCIe (x4) expansion slot, mini PCIe slot x 2.;
  • It offers a multi-touch option for a truly unrivaled touchscreen experience;
  • Easy to clean: it has a protection that prevents dust and water splashes from accumulating;
  • Electrical fault protection for USB, COM and LAN inputs;
  • Optional Bluetooth, RFID, internal WLAN module, Li-ion battery and 5MP autofocus camera


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    AMiS - Simple workstation

    AMiS is much more than a "computer on wheels", given its progressive modularity

    AMiS is a mobile clinical record solution, which can be used solely as a record platform or evolve into an intelligent platform, incorporating a system for dispensing medication to patients, allowing them to consult, validate and record the administration of medication, using an electronic system by PIN code or key.
    It is a mobile, multifunctional and caring workstation. It has a sophisticated system, which reduces the risk of medical errors, and an all-in-one concept in the mobile work area, incorporating the appropriate technology for unlimited access to the information provided, which allows for greater work efficiency in the validation and clinical recording process. It is characterized by ease of care, being safe, hygienic and ergonomic.
    AMiS is more than just a "computer on wheels": it has a unique and modular design, including all kinds of accessories that can be sized according to the needs of each user or work team, offering healthcare professionals a universal solution for numerous mobile applications in various departments.


    • Integration for mobile healthcare solutions;
    • Elegant, neat and ergonomic design for ease of use, cleaning and movement;
    • Expandable for additional medication and storage box;
    • No external cables;
    • Easy to maintain;
    • Intuitive to use;
    • Battery capacity of approximately 12 hours;
    • Easily adjustable table height;
    • Compatible with the following operating systems: Windows.

    Product applicability

    • Clinical record at the patient's bedside;
    • Validation and administration of therapy;
    • Viewing complementary diagnostic tests;
    • Primary assessments - integration with vital signs monitor;
    • Clinical record for stress test;
    • Platform for doctor-nurse work;
    • Video conference.

    Technical specifications

    • Color: White & Blue.
    • Net weight: 52 kg.
    • Dimensions: 520 mm wide and 627 mm long.
    • Work surface: 470 mm wide and 520 mm long.
    • Work surface height: 798 mm - 1145 mm (adjustable).
    • Keyboard height: 734 mm - 1081 mm (adjustable).
    • Wheels:
      • 100mm diameter (2 with brakes);
      • 125mm diameter (2 with brakes).

    • Keyboard and mouse stand: extendable and adaptable to both sides (with cable box).
    • Din-rail: sides and back of the device 30 mm x 10 mm.
    • Monitor support: VESA 75/100, with 180º degree of rotation and 190º degree of inclination.
    • I/O ports:
      • 4x USB, 5 V (powered);
      • 1x Lan RJ45.
    • Wireless: WIFI with dual antenna.
    • Battery system:
      • iPS-M420;
      • LiFePO4 (Lithium-Iron Phosphate; LFP);
      • LED status indicator.

    • Management software:
      • Battery capacity indicator;
      • Alerts (battery capacity, temperature, warnings);
      • Load cycle statistics;
      • Reports and log files;
      • Multi-language support, including English, German and Dutch.
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