Involving professionals in the hospital modernization process - Opinion Article

Nowadays, there's a lot of talk (and it's a good thing) about involving the entire value chain in the creation and validation of innovations in general, because there's a general perception that you can boost the adoption of these innovations and create immense value in the end product. In recent years, OG Medical has worked tirelessly to customize solutions in the area of hospital modernization: listening to end users (whether they are healthcare professionals, ICT specialists or the hospital administration), understanding their real concerns and developing solutions tailored to their various needs.

Let's talk about a specific case, which was (and is) also an example of good practice in involving professionals in the hospital modernization process. On regular visits to hospitals, by viewing the execution of frequent tasks and talking to various health professionals (namely doctors and nurses), we saw that we could optimize the existing mobile workstations so that they would simultaneously allow clinical recording and the provision of medical care to the patient (or clinical recording and the preparation of therapy in the service ward), combining the provision of medical care in a single piece of equipment, integrating technology that would allow medical records to be viewed on the existing medication preparation platform.

How? By developing an adapter to attach a sanitizable computer terminal to a standard medication trolley.


With the implementation of this innovation, it was also possible for this adapter to be modeled on the mobile electronic clinical record and - through this tailor-made solution - we were able to achieve an advance in the clinical record process and an increase in the security of the information recorded by health professionals, carried out in a more agile, reliable, secure way and without the risk of damage to equipment due to falls, splashes of water or low levels of autonomy.

As an (excellent) consequence of this good practice (involving the healthcare professional), the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) granted OG Medical® the exclusive right to produce and market the metal support that connects a medication dispenser to a computer, enabling doctors and nurses to record and access the patient's clinical history during the administration of medication, making the service more convenient and efficient. More specifically, it has been registered as National Utility Model No. 11069 - Adapter for Computerizing Medication Dispensers.

Creating value in formal healthcare by involving professionals in the hospital modernization process is undoubtedly the path we should all take, because the end user knows better than anyone what their real needs are that can be solved.

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